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Easy Sponsorship Management

SponsorPRO, a true sport-specific CRM solution, manages and tracks sponsorships through all stages of the sales cycle in real-time. With SponsorPRO, Corporate Sales Managers can view dynamic snapshots of crucial sales data and completed activity lists by salesperson. In addition, customized lists allow managers to easily distribute prospects among their sales team to ensure all opportunities are maximized.  SponsorPRO’s inventory tracking feature also protects sponsored inventory from being over-sold and allows your team to see a real-time list of available elements.

Sales Managers benefit from SponsorPRO
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+ View tasks completed and open by specific time frame

+ Assign tasks to staff (Mass or Individually)

+ Track who has sold specific inventory

+ Create custom sponsor groups for view filtering

+ Company and Contact Views are built based on any information field (Ex: Zip Code, City, Group, Salesperson, etc.)