Cloud-Based Front Office Management

PA Announcers

No more paper scripts

ScriptPRO is an industry driven solution. Feedback from our users has been a crucial part in the development of ScriptPRO, and continues to have a major impact as we keep up with cutting edge technologies. Much of this feedback comes from PA Announcers as end users. We have yet to meet an announcer that likes to deal with unorganized scripts and piles of paper.  

ScriptPRO's production schedule builder makes it easy for PA Announcers to follow the flow of a game. Implementing the patented GO LIVE feature allows PA Announcers to follow the game live in real-time. It is simple and innovative - a perfect tool for any PA Announcer.

Scripting for PA Announcers
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+ Option for NO paper scripts

+ All changes auto update

+ Always know where you are in the game

+ View is customized based on your needs

+ Print out or GO LIVE options available

+ All scripts are configured to your needs

+ Easy to follow outlines in production schedules

+ Table or Text view options for print out

+ Landscape or Portrait view options for print out