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Protecting Sponsorships

Maintaining sponsor relationships is crucial to the bottom line. Managing numerous corporate accounts and ensuring proper sponsorship execution can consume much of your time tracking and documenting. As you know, sponsors will often reach out to you requesting confirmation on their assets, and being unprepared is unacceptable. ScriptPRO protects sponsorships and provides real-time proof of performance reports easing the stress on you and your organization overall. 

Suite Bonus:  Sponsor event elements that are sold using SponsorPRO will automatically import into ScriptPRO, streamlining the communication process between your corporate sales department and the event production department, ensuring elements are properly executed. 

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+ Generate Sponsorship Proof of Performance Reports in minutes

+ Auto time stamp’s the exact time sponsorship's are executed

+ Customized templates allow you to show requested information to sponsor

+ Elements from SponsorPRO are auto-imported into ScriptPRO when sold, streamlining the process from sale to execution

+ Eliminates Confusion